eDining is an Online Restaurant Reservation utility for restaurants who want to grow their business, improve service to their customers, encourage repeat business and extend their client base to those customers that want to deal online.

Dealing online with your customers will unlock the benefits that your customer’s details can offer you. If you aren't capturing your customer’s data in today’s world, you are missing out on an opportunity to grow and improve your business. In fact in years to come not dealing online could impact your ability to compete with those restaurants who are.

At Best Menu we want to help you grow your business, through the use of our intelligent, state of the art eDining solutions.

How does it Work?

By simply placing our reservation utility on your exiting website, your customer can immediately start placing Reservations from your website. This can be accessed from anywhere including their mobile device. “Like your very own App”

eDining is intelligent enough to determine how many seats in the restaurant are available on any given day & time and will only display those times available to the customer for selection. Once an available time is selected the customer will receive an SMS confirmation, as will you to notify of the placed reservation. All reservation placed are made available for your viewing via our reservation scheduled window for use in the restaurant.

Now that you have your customer’s details, it’s time to grow your business. The eDining Marketing tool will allow you to send promotional SMS messages to each and every one of your customers to promote your restaurant. Run monthly, weekly or nightly specials.

Why should you have it?

Get ahead of your competition, if you are not using your customer’s information today, you are missing out on an opportunity to grow your business. It’s easy to use, access and for a limited time it is FREE to get started.

The Marketing functionality has been designed to allow restaurants to contact customers through the use of SMS messages. This is a powerful tool which allows you to directly deal with your customer on a personal level. Not many reservations on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Why not shoot out an SMS offering a dine in special, and fill your restaurant with ease.

The simple yet effective in built marketing SMS tool can get you in touch with your customer on a personal level, and will seek to help you entice back those who have enjoyed the fine food your restaurant has on offer.

Take your customer service to the next level. Send Reservation Confirmations and Reminders direct to your customer’s Mobile phone, store notes that help you remember that customer’s favourite table, or favourite bottle of wine and also do you need help managing sitting? If so eDining has your needs covered.

Reservation Confirmations & Reminders

Placing a reservation is simple. eDining will remember your previous customers details and all you need is their phone number to recall their details.

Once a reservation is placed by the restaurant, a confirmation is instantly issued to the customer phone number (Mobile phone numbers only), providing details of the reservation including the date, time and number of guest. It also provides the phone number of the restaurant in the event that they wish to alter their reservation.

On the day of the reservation an additional notification will be issued reminding the customer of their reservation. There are no reason your customer should forget their reservation.

Customer Notes

Personalise the service and store everything you need to know about your customer in eDining. You will be able to go the extra mile and recall any data about that customer’s previous visit. Remember their favourite table, even that favourite bottle of wine. Personalize your service like never before.

Do you ever have customers making a reservation and never turning up? Well next time they make a reservation you will be alerted to this and armed with this knowledge you can now decide whether to hold a table for them or not.

Plan your Sittings

eDining comes with valuable scheduling tools that helps you plan for every siting. Know at any point in time the expected number of customer on any given day and real time data of customers in your restaurant.

Data collected from previous reservations is used to create schedule views of reservation details for the current day, future days, along with future weeks and month views, knowing at any point in time how busy you are going to be, helping you plan for staffing levels and stock levels for upcoming days with ease.

eDining has an advanced features* available to further enhance great benefits it already provides. Advanced features include:

Your Current Customers

To get you started we offer a service to load your previous customers into the system. This way you get a head start on your database of customers and can get to marketing to them straight away. Speak to us at set up time about any customer records you have. You can start connecting with them straight away.

Restaurant Branded Mobile Application

Have your very own branded mobile application that customers can request a reservation from. These reservations will be displayed in eDining along with all other reservations.

Reservations from your Website

Do you already have a website or would like us to help you develop one. eDining has a portal that will enable your website to direct reservations automatically to eDining, where you will see these reservations alongside all other reservations for that sitting.


Want to get to know trends and customer activity. Get to know when you are busiest to staff appropriately, or understand where to spend your marketing dollar to further improve business in quite times.

The reporting feature can provide this information and more in a friendly easy to use format.

*Note Advanced features are not part of the eDining free license offer.